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Abortion activists scramble to cover up truth of baby parts scandal

ADF Senior Counsel Casey Mattox:  “The National Abortion Federation’s request for a court order is just the latest attempt of the abortion lobby to cover up the truth of its embarrassing, inhuman actions. There’s a reason they don’t want their activity discussed in the light of day. Instead of openly telling America what they’ve been doing, they instead seek to suppress those who will reveal the truth. That’s just one reason among many why Americans should demand that Congress defund Planned Parenthood and any organization that engages in the trafficking of baby parts.”  Read more >>

ADF to Colo. governor, legislature: Defund, investigate Planned Parenthood

DENVER – Alliance Defending Freedom sent a letter Friday on behalf of Colorado Family Action to Colorado’s governor, speaker of the house, and senate president asking for an investigation of Planned Parenthood and an immediate end to taxpayer funding of the abortion giant. The letter comes amidst considerable controversy concerning the organization and its Colorado affiliate.  Read more >>

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