Obama admin: We’ll do business with you if your theology agrees with ours

ADF Senior Counsel Kristen Waggoner:  “President Obama’s overreaching executive order is the latest example illustrating that the very government that the Constitution charges with protecting religious freedom is now the primary threat to religious freedom. The administration has brazenly bypassed Congress and declared that the only religious non-profit organizations it will do business with are those willing to line up with the administration’s doctrine and theology on sexual behavior. That’s the kind of government entanglement with religion that the Founders sought to prevent and that the First Amendment prohibits.”  Read more >>

Triumph over zoning rule that prohibited Ga. church from meeting on less than 3 acres

ATLANTA – Rockdale County has revised its zoning regulations in the wake of a federal lawsuit Alliance Defending Freedom filed on behalf of a church denied access to property less than three acres. The city’s zonings restrictions forced the church to convene in the basement of a jewelry store, where it was allowed to temporarily remain while the lawsuit continued. As part of a settlement that ends the suit, the county paid $15,000 in damages to the church and $15,000 in attorneys’ fees.  Read more >>

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