ADF Responds to Distortions

In a April 21, 2009 blog post, blogger Abigail Kramer wrote the following:

"The NotOurKids coalition, made up of more than 20 religious groups (including the American Family Association) and led by the Alliance Defense Fund, organized a boycott of the Day of Silence, calling on families to keep their children home from school.  (According to an e-mail, the Alliance Defense Fund claimed 5,235 kids participated in the boycott.)"

Not true.  While ADF supports the rights of parents to respond to the promotion of the GLSEN agenda in public schools in the way those parents see fit, ADF is not involved with the coalition Kramer names and has not participated in its activities.
(Note: The blog post has since been corrected.)

On a more important note: The suicides of the two young boys mentioned are tragic.  The families deserve comfort and prayers.  No child should be taunted to a point where he makes this most irreversible choice.  If anyone (at the schools or elsewhere) witnessed abusive behavior toward these boys and did nothing, they are morally accountable for their inaction.  It is unacceptable to fail to protect helpless children.

What compounds these tragedies is the irresponsible, politically-motivated assignment of blame (implicit or explicit) to groups and people, who have nothing but compassion for vulnerable children, merely for differing with the accusers on the best way to help kids dealing with these issues.