"Bash Back!" Steps Up Persecution Against Local Churches

Inside the Issues with Alan Sears

Alan Sears, Esquire

ADF President, CEO, & General Counsel

May 26, 2009
From a report submitted to me: A quiet November Sunday at the Mount Hope Church in Delta Township, Michigan, near Lansing.

Some curiosity – a lot of strangers and visitors in the service this morning. Some confusion – masked men and women in militant get-up are starting up a loud protest out in the parking lot, brandishing black flags and an upside down pink cross. Many of them are moving to block entrances to the property and the auditorium.  Worries about that, but security people are heading over to check things out. The service goes on.

Then suddenly, all through the room, the "visitors" are leaping to their feet, screaming religious slurs and obscenities. From the closed-off balcony, a banner with the words "Bash Back!" rolls down, and flyers sail out to every corner of the auditorium.  Near the pulpit, two women begin kissing passionately.

The room is filled with startled gasps from the terrified congregation. Then, the strangers are racing from the building, laughing, and pulling fire alarms. Some of their number remain behind, incognito, to report and gloat over the Christians' reactions in later postings at their group's website.

Members of the radical group "Bash Back!" are proud of the fact that they effectively use riots, fear tactics, and verbal attacks to intimidate those who oppose homosexual behavior. The Lansing chapter of "Bash Back!" targeted Mount Hope because of the church's strong stand for marriage and steadfast opposition to the homosexual legal agenda.

These people are deadly serious about their determination to change America's moral compass by force. The "Bash Back!" website features of members decked out like terrorists, brandishing weapons. The group's mission statement boasts of their enthusiastic support for "Riots, Sex Work, Crime, Insurrection, you know the fun stuff we do." Another page at the same website recruited volunteers to support the Mount Hope invasion.

Earlier this month the Alliance Defense Fund filed suit against them in federal court.

"The use of violent threats and potentially criminal behavior to make a political point should never be acceptable in America," said ADF Senior Counsel Gary McCaleb. "Bash Back! revealed how dangerous the homosexual agenda is to Our First Liberty, religious freedom. ADF filed this suit to stop Bash Back! and other activist groups from invading churches, disrupting worship, silencing pastors, and terrifying adults and children who attend religious services."

"Bash Back!" is an expression of a growing hostility against Christian churches and individuals all over the country who stand boldly for the truth of the Gospel – even when it conflicts with the homosexual legal and political agendas. Please be in prayer for the people of Mount Hope and for our lawyers as we represent them in the days ahead. Pray, too, for the courage of all of those who – even in the face of persecution – are "speaking the truth in love."