Proclamation Supporting Homosexual Agenda Reveals Our Nation at a Turning Point

Inside the Issues with Alan Sears

Alan Sears, Esquire
ADF President, CEO, & General Counsel

June 16, 2009
Last week, the White House issued a proclamation (if you haven’t, you MUST read it!) that could mark a significant turning point in the history of our country if the Body of Christ fails to respond.  For the first time, a presidential administration makes a point of committing itself publicly to the aggressive promotion of much of the homosexual legal agenda – supporting civil unions, adoptions by same-sex couples, and the passage of hate crimes legislation, all that can only achieve the aims of the homosexual activists by seriously curtailing religious freedom.

This is exactly what this administration promised with its very first official act.  On Inauguration Day, at the very moment the new president was taking the oath of office, the White House website put up a list of specific legal demands for those practicing homosexual behavior aimed at expanding the influence of such behavior on our public life.

Despite what this proclamation indicates, those who practice homosexual behavior are not currently abused by the American legal system.  They are not deprived of any of the legal protections enjoyed by their fellow citizens.  The objective of this effort is not, in fact, to bring those who practice homosexual behavior up to the same level of liberty as everyone else…it’s to give those committed to same-sex sexual relationships special privileges and protections denied to other groups, and to ensure the special nature of those protections by putting down and taking away the freedoms of others.

By “others,” I especially mean Christians.  In order to meet the demands of those practicing homosexual behavior to work anywhere they want, the government will have to severely limit  the right of churches and other religious organizations to hire and fire employees based on their commitment to (and practice of) biblical morality.  Christian ministries may be forced to rent their facilities so that same-sex couples can solemnize their “marriage” in a religious setting. Christian adoption agencies could be forced to go out of business unless they’re willing to set aside biblical standards and allow same-sex couples to obtain innocent children.  (A Boston agency closed its doors for that very reason.)

And American pastors – like their fellow ministers in other parts of the world – could be constrained in what they preach or read from the Scriptures, based on whether those practicing homosexual behavior take offense at what they hear.

Friends, these are not days to shrug off the latest news and headlines and cheerfully wait for another election or console ourselves that every age has its moral setbacks.  Cracks are being driven deep into the cornerstones of our country, and things are being done in our nation’s courts that, once accomplished, will be exceedingly difficult to undo.

We are not called to fear what men can do – but neither are we called to sit back and ignore the actions of our nation’s leaders.  This is the time to pray as you have never prayed before for the future of your country, for the souls of those who govern it, and for the courage of those who are standing in courtrooms and legislative chambers and executive offices and radio and television studios all over America, trying to speak and do what is right.

May God have mercy on our nation and on all those who stand for the Truth.  It is time for ADF and our allies to continue to act, and to act boldly, and we covet your prayers and must have your continued support to do so.