Daily Kos smears Mike McConnell as a racist

The days when the Left could smear good people with false charges without fear of being called to account are over. The Daily Kos thought it could get away with attacking one of the most distinguished legal minds in the country, Stanford law professor Michael McConnell, truncating a paraphrase from a media report to make him look like a “racist.” Fortunately, in this, the Information Age, the Truth Calvary was able to jump immediately to action, smacking down the false charges.

ADF Senior Counsel David French responded to the smear in a blog post called "Anatomy of a Smear," appearing at National Review Online.  French writes, "Smearing good and decent conservatives as racists or accusing them of making racially inflammatory remarks is something of a cottage industry in certain sectors of the Left these days. Yesterday it happened to Stanford professor Michael McConnell, former judge of the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals and the chief counsel for the Christian Legal Society in CLS v. Martinez. Ironically enough, the smear was born out of an exchange in which Professor McConnell was explaining that universities could prohibit invidious racial discrimination."

John Hinderaker also weighed in over at Power Line in "The Daily Dose--of Ignorance, That Is." Hinderaker writes, "At the Daily Kos, anonymous lefties who generally have no idea what they're talking about like to smear better men and women than themselves. This time their target is Michael McConnell, the former judge of the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals and now law professor at Stanford who is generally regarded as America's foremost expert on constitutional issues relating to religion."