Public Universities

It has been said that the “universities of today are the governments of tomorrow.”  If that is the case, then the future ramifications for religious freedom are indeed chilling.   Perhaps no where else is religious freedom under more attack than on our nation’s university campuses.

Promotion of "tolerance" has bred aggressive intolerance for any individual who does not endorse and approve any behavior, no matter how immoral it may be.  These attacks often come in the form of so-called “anti-discrimination” policies which attempt to force campus ministries to compromise their Biblical standards and allow non-Christians to assume leadership positions in order to receive access to student facilities and funding.

Alliance Defending Freedom has been successful in battling these discriminatory “anti-discrimination” policies on college campuses nationwide.  On campus after campus, these policies quickly tumble down once they are challenged legally by Alliance Defending Freedom and its allies.  The result is that religious freedom is being restored at our nation’s universities.