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Friday, July 03, 2020

Previous news releases:

  • 2020-01-03: La. legislators tell Supreme Court: Women deserve competent care, abortionists have no right to represent women’s interests 
  • 2019-10-04: US Supreme Court to weigh in on La. law protecting women’s health, safety
  • 2016-02-24: 5th Circuit frees up Louisiana women’s safety law


  • Kristen Waggoner: Supreme Court’s June Medical decision doesn’t end the fight for women’s safety (Townhall, 2020-07-03)
  • Teresa Haney: SCOTUS allows abortion industry to put its interests over women’s health and safety (CNS News, 2020-06-29)
  • Denise Harle: Abortionists challenging safety laws can’t claim to care about women’s safety. They should lose (CNS News, 2020-03-12)
  • Denise Harle: La. abortion law at issue in High Court case protects women (Law360, 2020-03-06)
  • Denise Harle: A long-awaited opportunity to close the loophole on third-party standing (SCOTUSblog, 2020-01-29)
  • Denise Harle: Abortion clinic regulations are about women’s well-being (Baton Rouge Advocate, 2020-01-16)

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