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Friday, August 21, 2020

Previous news releases:

  • 2020-08-06: ADF attorney available to media Friday following hearing in case of KY photographer, blogger
  • 2020-02-28: DOJ sides with artistic freedom of KY photographer, blogger
  • 2019-11-19: KY wedding photographer, blogger challenges censorship of her beliefs


  • Jonathan Scruggs: Court victory for photographer who opposes same-sex weddings a win for free speech (Louisville Courier-Journal, 2020-08-21)
  • Sarah Kramer: Court rules photographer gas the right to choose which events to celebrate (My Christian Daily, 2020-08-20)
  • Maureen Collins: Why this Kentucky photographer is standing up for free speech (My Christian Daily, 2020-08-10)
  • Maureen Collins: This Kentucky photographer’s free speech should be protected (Christian Post, 2020-02-06)
  • Chelsey Nelson: Louisville photographer: As a Christian, I shouldn't be forced to work same-sex weddings (Louisville Courier-Journal, 2019-11-21)
  • Jonathan Scruggs: A Hollywood script about free speech in Louisville, Kentucky (Townhall, 2019-11-21)
  • Jim Campbell: Kentucky decision on Christian print shop shows why Supreme Court should rule on religious business owners (Daily Caller, 2019-11-18)

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