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Friday, November 20, 2020

Previous news releases:

  • 2020-09-16: Idaho athletes ask appeals court to protect athletic opportunities for women and girls, uphold Fairness in Women’s Sports Act
  • 2020-08-17: Court allows Idaho athletes to intervene in defense of Fairness in Women’s Sports Act
  • 2020-07-29: Olympians, Title IX pioneers, hundreds of female athletes urge NCAA: Don’t erase women’s sports
  • 2020-07-21: Court to consider whether female athletes can protect women’s sports in Idaho
  • 2020-06-19: DOJ files formal support for Idaho law protecting women’s sports
  • 2020-06-10: ADF: NCAA should reject call to punish Idaho for protecting women’s sports
  • 2020-05-26: Idaho athletes seek to intervene in defense of Fairness in Women’s Sports Act


  • Sandra Bucha: The ACLU’s betrayal of athletic girls (Wall Street Journal, 2020-11-06)
  • Christiana Holcomb: It’s time to call foul on ACLU’s efforts to destroy women’s athletics (Twin Falls Post Register, 2020-09-08)
  • Beth Stelzer: We must save women’s sports for women (Minneapolis Star Tribune, 2020-08-21)
  • Sarah Kramer: Idaho court to hear from female athletes who want to preserve women’s sports (My Christian Daily, 2020-08-20)
  • Beth Stelzer: I’m a female powerlifter. Women’s sports are for females (Newsweek, 2020-07-19)
  • Christy Mitchell: Idaho did the right thing by protecting women’s sports (Twin Falls Times-News, 2020-06-22)
  • Madison Kenyon: I’m a female student athlete in Idaho. Please protect women’s sports from transgender athletes (Idaho Statesman, 2020-06-07)
  • Christiana Holcomb: Lawsuit threatens opportunities for female athletes (Idaho Press, 2020-06-03)

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