ADF: Why are reports on tear-down of DADT being hidden from service members, public, Congress?

Law against openly practiced homosexual, bisexual behavior in U.S. military to end in 60 days, but records remain secret
Friday, July 22, 2011

WASHINGTON — The Alliance Defense Fund is calling on Department of Defense officials to release the reports that purportedly justify imposing openly practiced homosexual behavior on the U.S. military just 60 days from now. President Obama announced Friday that he has certified that dismantling the so-called “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy will supposedly not impact military readiness.

“Our troops’ religious liberties are in unprecedented jeopardy because the government has caved in to pressure from small groups of activists to impose homosexual and bisexual behavior on our military.  The first casualty of this disappointing move may well be the religious freedom of chaplains and service members, for whom no formal protections have been adopted despite many having been proposed,” said ADF Litigation Staff Counsel Daniel Blomberg.

“No Americans, and especially not our troops, should be forced to abandon their religious beliefs,” Blomberg added. “The reports of the chiefs of the services and combat commanders that supposedly justify this move should be released in full, allowing service members, the public, and Congress to evaluate the situation themselves. This administration cannot expect America to accept its ‘certification’ at face value.”

Blomberg explained that the administration’s much-touted “Survey of the Troops” was revealed to be a charade that underhandedly obeyed activist demands to abandon the moral standards that have served the U.S. military for generations.

“And once the military is compelled to affirm homosexual and bisexual behavior, it will become an unwilling participant in the efforts to strike down the Defense of Marriage Act,” Blomberg said.

In May, 21 religious agencies providing chaplains to the U.S. military sent a joint letter to the military’s chiefs of chaplains voicing strong concern over the continuing absence of religious liberty protections if openly practiced homosexual behavior is definitively imposed on the military.  The letter asked the chiefs for their help in urging Congress and the Department of Defense to adopt such protections. The U.S. House of Representatives has since passed several provisions that would provide partial protections, but these have not been made law yet.

“ADF stands ready to defend service members if they are ever unconstitutionally required to choose between serving their country and obeying their God as result of this damaging policy decision,” Blomberg said. 

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