Proposed ‘fix’ to Indiana’s religious freedom law unjust, destructive

Thursday, April 02, 2015

The following quote may be attributed to Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Counsel Kristen Waggoner regarding language proposed by some Indiana lawmakers to amend Indiana’s new religious freedom law:

“The religious freedom law is a good law. It does not pick winners or losers, but allows courts to weigh the government’s and people’s interests fairly and directs judges to count the cost carefully when freedom is at stake. The new proposal unjustly deprives citizens their day in court, denies freedom a fair hearing, and rigs the system in advance. It gives the government a new weapon against individual citizens who are merely exercising freedoms that Americans were guaranteed from the founding of this country. Surrendering to deception and economic blackmail never results in good policy.”

Alliance Defending Freedom is an alliance-building, non-profit legal organization that advocates for the right of people to freely live out their faith.

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