Event during UN Human Rights Council session: ‘Genocide in the Middle East’

ADF International co-hosting side event at UN in Geneva to address genocide of Christians, other religious minorities in Syria, Iraq
Monday, March 14, 2016

WHO: Mariela Shaker, Syrian violinist; Johny Messo, World Council of Arameans; Jacqueline Isaac, Roads of Success; Rubén Navarro, ADF International
WHAT: Event and panel discussion: “Genocide in the Middle East”
WHEN: Thursday, 17 March, 2 p.m. CET
WHERE: Palais des Nations, United Nations Headquarters, Room XXI, Geneva

GENEVA – ADF International will co-host a side event Thursday during the 31st session of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva. The speakers will address the plight of the Christians and other religious minorities in Syria and Iraq whom ISIS is deliberately targeting for destruction.

The number of Christians has dropped from 1.25 million to 500,000 in Syria, and from 1.4 million to under 275,000 in Iraq in just a few years. The Yazidis in the region of Kurdistan have been almost entirely wiped out.

“We urge the international community, and especially the United Nations, to start working immediately towards a resolution at the Security Council that will refer the situation in the Middle East to the International Criminal Court,” said Rubén Navarro, senior UN counsel for ADF International.

Requests for interviews can be submitted before the event to globalmedia@adfinternational.org. Find more information on the ongoing genocide in Syria and Iraq at www.adfinternational.org/stop-genocide.

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