ADF attorney to testify before House subcommittee on Planned Parenthood’s illegal practices

Available for media following hearing
Wednesday, September 16, 2015

WHO: ADF Senior Counsel Casey Mattox
WHAT: Testifying at hearing on Planned Parenthood  
WHEN: Thursday, Sept. 17 at 3 p.m. EDT
WHERE: House Judiciary Committee, 2123 Rayburn House Office Building, Washington, or watch live webcast

WASHINGTON – Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Counsel Casey Mattox will be available for media interviews immediately following a House Subcommittee on Health hearing concerning the illegal practices of Planned Parenthood. The hearing is part of the House Judiciary Committee’s investigation into Planned Parenthood in light of the Center for Medical Progress videos that depict the organization illegally harvesting and potentially profiting off of the sale of baby body parts.
“American taxpayer money should be redirected to the 13,000 federally qualified health center and rural health clinic locations that actually care for women and families.  Planned Parenthood made a $127 million profit off of American taxpayers last year and has now been  caught on camera negotiating the sale of hearts, lungs, and livers from aborted babies,” said Mattox. “Planned Parenthood has proven for decades that it can’t be trusted, with scandals ranging from misusing taxpayer dollars in their billing practices, failing to report statutory rape, or trafficking of baby parts. No organization like this is entitled to public funding. (#DefundPP)
The Subcommittee on Health is investigating whether Planned Parenthood or its affiliates are being paid for the organs of unborn children or altering abortion practices in order to obtain and sell baby body parts. It will consider legislation to reaffirm the authority of states to terminate Medicaid funding to organizations that act unethically or violate state or federal laws.
“The American taxpayer has the right to know that their tax dollars are not being used in committing crimes. Our government should fund the thousands of local community health centers that provide real help to women” added Mattox. “These community health centers – which outnumber Planned Parenthood locations by more than 20 to 1 and are on average within 5 miles of the nearest Planned Parenthood – are providing more services for the American people, can be trusted with our hard-earned money, and are not tainted by constant scandals and misdeeds”
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