Supreme Court puts hold on 4th Circuit’s marriage decision

ADF Senior Counsel Byron Babione:  “Virginians deserve an orderly and fair resolution to the question of whether they will remain free to preserve marriage as the union of a man and a woman in their laws. By granting our request to place a hold on the 4th Circuit’s decision, the Supreme Court is making clear, as it already did in the Utah marriage case, that it believes a dignified process is better than disorder. The Supreme Court acted wisely in restraining the lower court from implementing a ruling of this magnitude before the high court has a chance to decide the issue.”  Read more >>

Iowa court upholds ban on ‘webcam’ abortions

ADF Senior Counsel Michael J. Norton:  “Planned Parenthood and other abortionists should be accountable to basic medical standards. At the very least, that includes a licensed professional meeting personally with women who are considering such a serious and potentially life-altering decision. For that reason, the court was right to uphold the Iowa Board of Medicine’s rule, which places the health and safety of mothers ahead of the profits Planned Parenthood obtains through ‘webcam’ abortions. The fact that Planned Parenthood went to court to ensure they could continue to profit from these kinds of abortions is a great indication of where its priorities lie.”  Read more >>

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