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Multiple states sue Obama administration to protect student privacy, prevent lawless federal overreach

Alliance Defending Freedom Legal Counsel Kellie Fiedorek:  “Schools have an obligation to protect the privacy and dignity of all students. Teachers and administrators responsible for the children in their care should be the ones crafting solutions for their students, not the federal government. The Obama administration cannot unilaterally redefine federal law to serve its own political ends and lawlessly impose its will on local schools....”  Read more >>

Federal overreach jeopardizes students’ privacy

PALATINE, Ill. – Alliance Defending Freedom filed a motion requesting a preliminary injunction in the case Students and Parents for Privacy v. United States Department of Education. In this matter, ADF sued the Department of Education, the Department of Justice, and Township High School District 211 on behalf of 50 families in the Chicago area. The lawsuit challenges the DOE’s and DOJ’s unprecedented and unlawful mandate that public schools—under threat of losing their Title IX funding—allow students to use the restrooms corresponding to their self-affirmed gender identity, not their biological sex. It also challenges District 211’s implementation, to the detriment of its students, of that mandate.  Read more >>

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