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Symposium: Meet the faces of free speech and religious freedom

WASHINGTON – You’ve heard stories of the Washington floral designer, the Kentucky T-shirt printer, the Colorado cake artist, and the Arizona custom art studio. All are creative professionals who have been told that putting their religious freedom aside is, as a New Mexico Supreme Court judge said in an earlier case, “the price of citizenship”—a price that has included the loss of business, loss of livelihood, and threat of jail and criminal penalties. ADF will argue the floral artist’s case before the Washington Supreme Court in November, and the cake artist has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to hear his case. Some have called them heroes, others have demonized them. Come have lunch with them and decide for yourselves.  Read more >>

Court reaffirms rights of local schools to protect student privacy in locker rooms

Alliance Defending Freedom Legal Counsel Matt Sharp: “The Obama Administration cannot hold hostage the privacy rights and dignity interests of boys and girls across America. The federal court’s affirmation of its previous order halting the Obama Administration’s unlawful threats against schools across the nation preserves the authority of local schools to act in the best interest of their students and not out of fear of being stripped of their federal funding..." Read more >>

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