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Argentina embraces life as Senate defeats abortion bill

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina – Senators in Argentina voted Thursday against making abortion on demand legal. Abortion is only legal in Argentina when the life or health of the mother is in danger or when the pregnancy is the result of rape.  Read more >>

Federal court refuses to dismiss Md. church's discrimination claim

ADF Legal Counsel Christiana Holcomb:  “The city of Laurel can’t discriminate against a church simply because it is religious. With today’s decision, Redemption Community Church is one step closer to worshipping in its own building on the same terms as everyone else. Under the current zoning code, if someone wanted to sing secular songs or host a karaoke bar in downtown Laurel, they could do so; but the moment they want to gather and sing religious songs in a house of worship, they must go through an expensive and burdensome special exemption process. Today, the court agreed that the city treated Redemption Community Church worse than it treated nonreligious organizations....”  Read more >>

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