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Adoption provider to court: Don’t let Albany shut us down

ALBANY, N.Y. – Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys representing a faith-based adoption provider will be available for media interviews after a federal court hearing Tuesday in New Hope Family Services’ lawsuit against the state of New York. New Hope asked the court in December to stop the state from targeting it for its religious beliefs and to preserve its ability to continue placing children in adoptive homes while the lawsuit moves forward.  Read more >>

ADF available for comment on Arizona ‘In God We Trust’ license plate

ADF Senior Vice President of U.S. Legal Division Kristen Waggoner:  “Secular Coalition for Arizona has the same opportunity as any other non-profit group to create a license plate that expresses their view. Rather than shutting down speech, they should add to the conversation with their own perspective. That’s how free speech works in this country. Arizona is well within its rights to offer its citizens an opportunity to voluntarily purchase license plates affirming the First Amendment and contributing, in this case, to the pro-bono work ADF does to protect freedom of speech, religion, and conscience for all Americans....”  Read more >>

Potential U.S. Supreme Court cases