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Obama admin. agrees to pay $570K to Conestoga Wood Specialties’ attorneys

ADF Senior Legal Counsel Matt Bowman:  “The government does a serious disservice to taxpayers when it pursues unjust laws that force many of them to defend their constitutionally protected freedoms. While this case is finally over, many others remain. We hope the administration will stop defending its indefensible abortion-pill mandate and end its waste of taxpayer dollars on a fruitless quest to force people to give up their freedom to live and work according to their beliefs.”  Read more >>

ADF: Don’t force cake artist who supports same-sex marriage to speak against her beliefs

DENVER – Alliance Defending Freedom expressed support Friday for a Denver bakery that reportedly declined to draw two males holding hands with an “X” over them and related words and symbols on a cake in the shape of a Bible. A customer who made the request filed a complaint with the Colorado Civil Rights Commission after Azucar Bakery’s pastry chef Lindsay Jones and owner Marjorie Silva declined his request.  Read more >>

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