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Artists ask appeals court to halt Phoenix ordinance that threatens jail time for disagreeing with govt

PHOENIX – Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys filed an appeal Tuesday that asks an Arizona appeals court to temporarily stop Phoenix from applying an ordinance to an art studio specializing in hand-painting, hand-lettering, and calligraphy for weddings and other events because the ordinance conflicts with free speech. The ordinance forces the studio’s two female owners to use their artistic talents to promote same-sex ceremonies and also forbids the studio, Brush & Nib, and its proprietors from publicly expressing the Christian beliefs that prevent them from doing so and that require them to create art celebrating only marriages between one man and one woman.  Read more >>

Drawing the line: Colorado artist prohibited from disagreeing with govt about marriage files suit

DENVER – Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys representing a Colorado graphic designer who specializes in designing and creating custom websites filed suit in federal court Tuesday to challenge a state law that forces her to use her artistic talents to promote same-sex ceremonies if she creates custom websites and graphics celebrating weddings between one man and one woman. The law also forbids Lorie Smith and her studio, 303 Creative, from publicly expressing the religious reasons she declines to do so, including her belief that marriage is the union of one man and one woman and why she can’t use her artistic talents to promote a same-sex marriage.  Read more >>

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