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Wash. floral artist’s home, savings still at risk after court judgment

ADF Senior Counsel Kristen Waggoner:  “Today’s judgment affirms the court’s earlier decision that Barronelle must pay a penalty for her faith and surrender her freedom and conscience. The penalty and fees imposed today are only the first punch. The ACLU, on behalf of the same-sex couple also suing Barronelle, has asked the court to award them penalties, fees, and costs, which will financially devastate Barronelle’s business and personal assets – including taking this 70-year old grandmother’s retirement and personal savings. The message sent by the attorney general and the ACLU to the people of Washington is quite clear: surrender your religious liberty and free speech rights, or face personal and professional ruin.”  Read more >>

Atlanta’s desperate defense of discrimination still deficient

ATLANTA – The city of Atlanta’s response to its wrongful termination of Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran for his religious beliefs falls woefully short, according to the Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys who represent him in a lawsuit against the city.  Read more >>

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