Houston mayor withdraws subpoenas, but scandal not fully resolved

ADF Senior Legal Counsel Erik Stanley:  “The mayor really had no choice but to withdraw these subpoenas, which should never have been served in the first place. The entire nation--voices from every point of the spectrum left to right--recognize the city's action as a gross abuse of power. We are gratified that the First Amendment rights of the pastors have triumphed over government overreach and intimidation.”  Read more >>

Slovak court allows referendum affirming family values

ADF Senior Legal Counsel Roger Kiska:  “The people of Slovakia should have the freedom to preserve marriage and family if they so choose. The Constitutional Court is right to affirm the democratic freedom of the Slovak people. This referendum will allow Slovaks to protect current Slovak law and important social values.”  Read more >>

Recent, current, and potential U.S. Supreme Court cases

Reed v. Town of Gilbert
Bronx Household of Faith v. Board of Education of the City of New York
Berger v. American Civil Liberties Union of North Carolina
Pregnancy Care Center of New York v. City of New York
Conestoga Wood Specialties v. Burwell